Letter from the President


Hello, my name is Ted Romaniuk. I am 62yrs old and began this company in 1989.
I have a wonderful wife Sylvia, 4 sons, unfortunately no daughter. But Terry, Robert, Stephen, and Peter are the love of my life.

Currently three are full time employees, but alas Terry chose the teaching profession.

I began my life wanting to become a pilot, but the recession of the 1970’s prevented that goal. I then turned to academics, majoring in business and marketing management at Ryerson, now Ryerson University.

After 25yrs in the private sector working in sales and marketing management for the pharmaceutical industry with three different companies, I decided to use all this knowledge and experience to start my own company, to become the best provider in the Health Care Medical Device industry.

As a result, I created Medical Systems International with the help of the entire family.

Medical Systems International services a wide range of clients, incorporating approximately 150 different products used primarily in the field of Medical/Diagnostic Imaging.

We service clients in Canada from Coast to Coast.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the utmost in Quality, New and Innovative Product Lines, and most importantly Superior and Reliable Service, to our valued partners in Canadian Health Care.

Yours Truly,

Ted Romaniuk