Some words from our valued clients

Thank you for considering infection prevention and control in your evaluations of the mutli dose tubing for CT contrast injections – Medical Systems. The presentation by Stephen Romaniuk was very thorough and addressed any cross contamination concerns from the infection control perspective. There are no issues with its use in DTHR facilities. As was suggested it would be advantageous to cut the “pump to patient” tubing after catheter removal to prevent accidental reuse. Once again thank you for your attention to patient safety.

Dan Woods
Manager of Infectious Diseases
David Thompson Health Region

Dear Medical Systems,

In our extremely busy CT department, we were previously using a thin gauge CT line with unsatisfactory results. Many of the lines were blowing up at an injection rate of 3ml/sec.

We are now using Medical Systems 48” extension set with a PSI of 750 with great success. We have not had a single line explode since we started using the product. Originally, the lines came with 2 check valves; an internal and an external one. At our request, the company removed the exterior one, as we had no need to use it.

The internal safety valve is the necessary one and I did my own testing on a few just to set my mind at ease. They were perfect. Also, we physically cut the line after use so that there can never be an accidental re-use.

The product is easy to use, easy to obtain and most importantly of all, reliable!


Maggie Lang
Charge Tech CT/VASC
St. Joseph’s Health Centre Toronto

We have been using Medical System’s multi-dosing system for approximately three (3) years in our CT Scan rooms and have been completely satisfied.

Medical System’s have followed up on a regular basis and have been flexible regarding our needs and concerns. Medical Systems International has been very receptive to constructive feedback regarding their produce, hence our CT department is a designated beta test site for various multi-dose tubing prototypes.

To date, we have not experience any back orders with the company and did not come across any defective product.

Medical Systems have carried out the required Health Canada “back check valve” testing as well as meeting ISO and HPB standards.

The products and system is convenient for the CT Technologists and offers a very good overall cost savings for our Diagnostic Imaging Departments.

Yours Truly,

Leonard Tong, RTR, RTMR
Technical Section Head
Cross Sectional Imaging (MRI/CT Scan)
Department of Radiology
Vancouver General Hospital

Royal Columbian Hospital has been using Medical Systems’ mutli-dosing system for over two years. It is the first multi-dosing system approved by this hospital because it passed Health Canada testing and it meets all the required standards.

As it is today the system works very well. It is reliable and easily accepted by the CT technologists. In the past, Medical Systems has been very responsive to concerns and suggestions for improvements. The Medical Systems International representatives have devoted a lot of time to implementation and training.

After successful implementation at our hospital, this mutli-dosing system was adopted region wide, involving nine CT scan departments.

We have always had consistent and reliable supply of product and have never experience shortages or back orders.

I can highly recommend this system to anyone considering adopting mult-dosing in their CT department. It has saved us a lot of money in syringe costs.

Domenico Celli, RTR, RTMR, BA
CT/MRI Supervisor
Medical Imaging
Royal Columbian Hospital