The products as outlined in this Web site includes Sterile Plastic Transfer, Extension, I.V. Pump and PCA Tubing Sets, Chemotherapy Reconstitution, Disc Filters, Injection Ports, and Capping Devices used in Hospital/Homecare Pharmacy Manufacturing. MRI/CT Scan Multi-Dosing Contrast Delivery Sets. Low, Medium and High Pressure Disposable Stop-Cocks/Manifolds used Hospital wide. Medium and High Pressure Injector line sets used in Angiography and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory. Custom Disposable Kits used for special procedures in the Angiography, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, Operating Room Departments, Vein, and Plastic Surgery Clinics. Disposable Epidural and Dressing Trays, Decanting Devices, EVA TPN Bags, Membrane Controlled Infusion Devices and a complete line of Specialty Tubing Products used in Anesthesia, Cardiac Cath Lab, Blood Bank Laboratory, Emergency, In-Patient Hospital/Homecare Pharmacy, ICU/NICU, Operating Room, Medical/Diagnostic Imaging Departments and any other area for Hospital wide direct patient applications and clincal procedures.

Medical Systems International is able to provide you with any type of sterile plastic disposable medical device that you require in your Hospital or Private Institution.

All Medical Systems International products are manufactured in Canada.